Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Kindle Book: The Entropy Conflict

My latest e-book, The Entropy Conflict has just gone up on line at Amazon around the world, with more of my science fiction short stories, including the never before publisher titular story.

"Conyers delivers inventive SF with a unique perspective on society and the human condition-well worth the read." - Jay Caselberg, author of Wyrmhole

"Emergency Rebuild" - on the frozen surface of Mars, Liam Richter barely survives a horrific accident, but does he deserve to live?

"The Advertising Imperative" - in a marketing-saturated Solar System, Natalya Serov seeks to distinguish her product, but is her solution also the problem?

"Soft Viscosity" - deep in the jungles of South America, Gloria McKenzie seeks to avenge a brother's death, but does retribution make her the terrorist?

"Three Shots" - in a corporate dominated future, Casey wants nothing more than to get ahead, but will falling in love jeopardize more than just her career?

"The Entropy Conflict" - on a distant world, Donna Kettner battles an alien invader she cannot defeat, but is it the universe that is her real enemy?

In the vein of Iain M Banks, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton and Neal Asher, THE ENTROPY CONFLICT features five short stories from Australian science fiction author, David Conyers.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Kindle Book: The Uncertainty Bridge

Following on from the last post, I've also released some of my 'cyberpunk' near future Earth tales on one collection on Amazon Kindle, The Uncertainty Bridge.

This will be the first of several of my science fiction works collected again, and my foray into the world on online publishing.

Here is the blurb:

Black Water — in a poverty stricken Africa, water specialist Joseph Nuwangi hopes to scam a corporation, but will his conscience be his own undoing?

Aftermath — in a continent at war with itself, Donna Young is forced by a neural implant to obey every command of her superior, but can she protect herself from him?

The Uncertainty Bridge — a world decimated by plagues, Geoff Harbin finds he has gained sudden and unexpected encyclopaedic knowledge, but what price does the information demand?

In the vein of Iain M Banks, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton and Neal Asher, The Uncertainty Bridge features three novellas from Australian science fiction author, David Conyers.Click to add text, images, and other content.

New Kindle Book: The Impossible Object

I've rebooted the Harrison Peel stories, with the first release The Impossible Object on Amazon Kindle. I want to revisit the series, and tighten it, add more tales, and basically build an overall story arc to develop Peel and his place in the Cthulhu Mythos. Think Lovecraft meets Clive Barker meets Ian Flemming meets Robert Ludlum, as Peter Clines nicely summed it up in his wonderful testimonial for the book.

Here is the blurb:

In a blend of cosmic horror with weird science fiction and action spy adventure, THE IMPOSSIBLE OBJECT recounts the adventures of Army Intelligence Officer, Major Harrison Peel, who travels the globe fighting the good fight against alien monsters wherever they appear threatening to destroy humanity.

Harrison Peel's first adventures are collected in four novellas:

"Made of Meat" - Terrorists hiding out amongst the hill tribes of Cambodia have accurate intelligence on Western covert operations, and Peel works to break the network before more agents are killed in the line of duty.

"Driven Underground" - An ancient alien city is unearthed in the deserts of Outback Australia, and Peel leads a team of soldiers into its catacombs where no living thing has existed for millions of years, or so they believe.

"Impossible Object" - Peel is assigned to a top secret facility studying an alien artifact, an object that cannot be measured or recorded by any means, that promises to offer up the secrets of the universe, or destroy it.

"False Containment" - After witnessing a mass grave of fused human bones, Peel travels to California to investigate a zero waste technology program using wormholes to dispose of rubbish in alien dimensions.

More in the rebooted series will follow.