Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New Kindle Book: The Nightmare Dimension

My latest collection, The Nightmare Dimension, is now available on Kindle.

"David Conyers is like the physicist who is all too happy to remind us that the solid world is only an illusion. Time and again, Conyers rips open the universe for us, to show us how empty it is, and how dark." - D.L. Snell, author of Pavlov's Dogs

Collected together for the first time are thirteen tales of the best Cthulhu Mythos horror and weird short stories written by award-winning Australia speculative fiction author, David Conyers.
A wartime spy rescues a woman from the Sahara who has walked unscathed from a massacre of a thousand men. A mother sailing the ocean on a family holiday finds herself lost on a cargo ship where all the crew are made of paper. A business man becomes trapped in his hotel room because gravity has unexpectedly reversed for him. A reckless driver commits a serious crime and is forced to see out his twenty year sentence as a dog. Every story is a nightmare from which the victims cannot escape.

The collection includes the following stories: "Dream Machine" (Australian Shadows Finalist), "The Nightmare Dimension", "Cactus", "The Lord of the Law" (Australian Horror Writers Fiction Award Finalist), "Sister of the Sands", "The Dream Quest of a Thousand Cats", "Winds of Nzambi" with David Kernot (Australian Horror Writers Fiction Award Winner), "Sweet as Decay" with David Witteveen, "The Swelling", "From The Sick Trees", "Homo Canis" (Australian Horror Writers Fiction Award Winner), "Six-Legged Shadows" with Brian M Sammons and "Subtle Invasion" (Australian Shadows Finalist).

Win Copies of The Eye of Infinity

Lovecraft eZine has a competition going on at their site at the moment, where you can win one of three signed copies of my Harrison Peel novella, The Eye of Infinity, published by Perilous Press and illustrated by Nick Gucker.

In the same competition you can win one of three signed copies of William Holloway's The Immortal Body.

Issue 24 of The Lovecraft eZine is now online. To be entered into the random drawing, all you have to do is comment on one or more of the stories or essays in the issue. 

Iain Banks (1954-2013)

The great Iain Banks as died, a fantastic author who was a huge influence on my writing. I was particularly fond of Consider Phlebas, which I still consider one of my top 10 favourite books of all time. To me it remains one of the best space operas ever written.

He wrote consistently good novels, in both science fiction and literary fiction, Use of Weapons, The Player of Games, Surface Detail, The Wasp Factory, Walking on Glass, The Bridge, Crow Road and Complicity to name my favourites. He will be missed.

I interviewed Iain a couple of years ago for Albedo One issue 41. The editorial team there say that interview will be up on site soon. I'll post when it is.