Saturday, 16 November 2013

Albedo One (Issue 44) Released on Kindle

Out now on Amazon Kindle.

A race with hounds across Europe to seek true love, a dying world plagued by invading jelly, a soulful train journey through the wastelands of purgatory, and an angry father who might have saved the wrong daughter.

Issue 44 of Ireland’s longest running science fiction, fantasy and horror magazine, Albedo One, features new fiction from Ian Wild, James Carney, Steve Billings, Alexandra Fleetwood, Dave Siddall and Eric M. Witchey; an in-depth review with Philip K. Dick award winning author Simon Morden; cover art from Charlie Terrell; and reviews from Juliet E. McKenna, John Kenny, Peter Loftus and David Conyers.

Print and ebup copies not far away. I was Art Editor on this one, so very proud of the  outcome. Check out Albedo One for more news on this issue.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Australian Horror Writers Sampler 2013

A group of Aussie authors got together and produced this sampler, featuring seven authors and one Australian artist. I'm one of them, and here is the blurb:

Inside this book you’ll find a taste of some of Australia’s top horror writers.

“The Grief School” by Matthew Tait – as a man of chance, Myles Lacey understood all too well the whims of the universe, and that meant death was a constant in life.

“Harry's Dead Poodle” by David Kernot – tells us there is more to people than what you see on the outside, like ex-butcher Harry Mills, who is good with a knife.

“Hear No Evil” by Shane Jiraiya Cummings – Blaine wakes in hospital after an accident. Although deaf, only he can hear a distant, desperate scream. What evil will he face when he answers the call?

“The Nightmare Dimension” by David Conyers – modern day mage Gordon McColley might not have sold his soul to the demons of hell, but they still have work for him to do, and he can’t refuse.

“The End of Ever” by Troy Barnes – In a world where nightmares reign, an unlikely group of friends must face the unknown and travel through the sinister heart of Ever in search of a way home. Friendships will be torn apart. Lives will be lost. Will anyone live happy after Ever?

This sampler collection provides links to the various author’s works, personal interviews, and further information on their e-books.

Step inside, and discover the horror lurking in the Land of Oz…

Here is the review of my story:

"The Nightmare Dimension is another rollicking good novella from David Conyers. Take a pinch of Clive Barker, a drop of Hellblazer, a good glug of quality writing, a handful of magic and demonology and shake vigorously and you have this heady brew of a story. Conyers never fails to impress with the sheer fun that he conveys through his writing."

Download it here from for only 99c.

Best Tales of the Apocalypse featuring "Subtle Invasion"

Best Tales of the Apocalypse edited by D.L. Snell and Bobbie Metevier is now released. It took a while to be released, considering the manuscript was completed more than 5 years ago, but I'm excited nonetheless mostly because of the authors I'm sharing space with.

In these 14 shattering tales by some of the genre’s first and final scribes, the world doesn’t just end once. These are the horsemen, the trumpeting angels. Their words are the bowls of wrath, dumped again and again. This is the book that’s been centuries in the making. The Final Book. And the choir’s singing one last Psalm:

The End is the best part.


Joe McKinney - Tim Curran - J.F. Gonzalez - Michael Oliveri = David Conyers - Lee Moan - Rebecca Day - Derek J. Goodman - Lyn C.A. Gardner - Ian Randal Strock - Michael Sellars - Dario Ciriello - Daniel R. Robichaud - Ian Rogers - Patrice Sarath

My story is "Sublte Invasion", which first appeared in The Black Book of Horror, was shortlisted for the Australian Shadows Award and appeared in Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3, and now in my collection The Nightmare Dimension. Yes, a very successful story.

Available from Permuted Press and