Sunday, 16 December 2012

Amazon Review of "The R'lyeh Singularity"

Very cool review of Cthulhu Unbound 3 and "The R'lyeh Singularity" by David Anderson has recently turned up on Amazon:

In "The R'lyeh Singularity", it seems like David Conyers normal knowledge of the military and spy agencies is enhanced, and I can only guess this is due to the involvement of Brian M. Sammons, who clearly has a love for this kind of thing. That is a staple of the series, the military action, but here it is just cranked to the max, and as a result we get a very harrowing and realistic Naval battle sequence, complete with aircraft. Conyers has an elegant grasp on quantum physics, while Sammons knows how to get all the "big military toys" in the sandbox. They both fuse together to create some kind of mad orchestrator that doles out awesomeness by the handfuls.

I feel very accomplished.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Greg Egan Interview

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Here is a link to an interview I conducted with Greg Egan several years ago, now on the Albedo One website, "Virtual Worlds and Imagined Futures". It came out just before the release of his novel Zendegi.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Eye of Infinity Kindle Edition

The Eye of Infinity, is now available as a Kindle book on

At a remote radio telescope facility in New Mexico, an astrophysicist commits suicide after contracting a hideous mutative plague caused by something he saw… and he won’t be the last. Major Harrison Peel has witnessed his share of cosmic mutations before, but now, he faces a threat worse than death, and a powerful enemy that hides behind a human face.

When a top secret NASA program refuses to heed his warnings, Peel is catapulted into a nightmarish government conspiracy that takes him from Ft. Meade’s Puzzle Palace to the launchpads of Cape Canaveral; from the desolate Atacama Desert of Chile, to the very heart of the universe itself, all in a desperate bid to shut… The Eye Of Infinity.

The first Harrison Peel tale in three years, The Eye Of Infinity features a Mike Dubisch cover and a dozen illustrations by Nick Gucker. The Eye Of Infinity continues the saga of Harrison Peel, a veteran of covert wars against alien invaders, and fuses Mythos horror, quantum physics and interstellar cloak and dagger action into an instant pulp classic.

Here is what a few authors and reviewers have been saying about this novella:

I greatly enjoyed THE EYE OF INIFINITY...highly imaginative, exciting, suspenseful, thoroughly entertaining. Peel is a very human character, not some unrealistic super-man...he's easy to identify with! - Jeffrey Thomas, author Punktown, Deadstock and Letters From Hades

The Eye of Infinity is a cracking example of a modern mythos story done well. The pacing is excellent as Peel finds himself more and more out of his depth and moves steadily closer to the horrifying truth. Peel is a likeable, believable and well-rounded character and the central premise fits in well with what readers expect from this kind of yarn, with a resolution that is intelligent and satisfying - Peter Loftus, Albedo One

It grabbed me and wouldn't let go. A fast-paced read with a great plot and some DAMN scary shoggoths! - Mike Davis, Lovecraft eZine

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