Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Eye of Infinity Kindle Edition

The Eye of Infinity, is now available as a Kindle book on

At a remote radio telescope facility in New Mexico, an astrophysicist commits suicide after contracting a hideous mutative plague caused by something he saw… and he won’t be the last. Major Harrison Peel has witnessed his share of cosmic mutations before, but now, he faces a threat worse than death, and a powerful enemy that hides behind a human face.

When a top secret NASA program refuses to heed his warnings, Peel is catapulted into a nightmarish government conspiracy that takes him from Ft. Meade’s Puzzle Palace to the launchpads of Cape Canaveral; from the desolate Atacama Desert of Chile, to the very heart of the universe itself, all in a desperate bid to shut… The Eye Of Infinity.

The first Harrison Peel tale in three years, The Eye Of Infinity features a Mike Dubisch cover and a dozen illustrations by Nick Gucker. The Eye Of Infinity continues the saga of Harrison Peel, a veteran of covert wars against alien invaders, and fuses Mythos horror, quantum physics and interstellar cloak and dagger action into an instant pulp classic.

Here is what a few authors and reviewers have been saying about this novella:

I greatly enjoyed THE EYE OF INIFINITY...highly imaginative, exciting, suspenseful, thoroughly entertaining. Peel is a very human character, not some unrealistic super-man...he's easy to identify with! - Jeffrey Thomas, author Punktown, Deadstock and Letters From Hades

The Eye of Infinity is a cracking example of a modern mythos story done well. The pacing is excellent as Peel finds himself more and more out of his depth and moves steadily closer to the horrifying truth. Peel is a likeable, believable and well-rounded character and the central premise fits in well with what readers expect from this kind of yarn, with a resolution that is intelligent and satisfying - Peter Loftus, Albedo One

It grabbed me and wouldn't let go. A fast-paced read with a great plot and some DAMN scary shoggoths! - Mike Davis, Lovecraft eZine

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