Monday, 16 February 2009

New Reviews

I've been getting some nice reviews of my work lately. The most prominent is for my collaboration with Brian M. Sammons, "Six-Legged Shadows" from Monstrous. said it was "A great little sci-fi terror fest that is reminicent of the Twilight Zone in every way. I loved it!" while Horror Fiction Review said it was "A nifty H.G. Wells-ish collaboration from David Conyers and Brian M. Sammons that packs a clever finale."

Meanwhile Terry Dowling (Blue Tyson) rating the anthology Agog! Ripping Reads gave my sci-fi thriller novella appearing in it, "Aftermath", the highest rating (4 stars) of all the stories appearing in the collection. His comments were "Zebra king neural control bleeding shot, mate" which is more cryptic than anything else, and probably only make sense if you've read it, which you can because it's online here at Apex Magazine. Be warned, it is a very dark tale.

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