Wednesday, 1 April 2009

"The Lord of the Law"

Another short story is out today, "The Lord of the Law" in The Fourth Black Book of Horror edited by Charles Black and published by Mortbury Press. This is my second story in the this series, and it seems, the last story in the book. "The Lord of the Law" received a commendation in the Australian Horror Writers Assocation's Short Story Competition 2008. So I'm on track for this year's goal of getting one story published each month.

Here is the blurb and table of contents:

A tale of shear terror, a witch's curse, the horror of Halloween, the phantom in the priory and other unspeakable evils haunt the pages of The Fourth Black Book of Horror.
  • Soup - Craig Herbertson
  • Words - Paul Finch
  • A Cry For Help - Joel Lane
  • With Deepest Sympathy - Johnny Mains
  • Many Happy Returns - Carl T. Ford
  • All Hallow's Even - Franklin Marsh
  • Dead Water - David A. Sutton
  • And Still Those Screams Resound...'- Daniel McGachey
  • Love is in the Air - Gary McMahon
  • The Head - Reggie Oliver
  • The Devil Looks After His Own? - Ian C. Strachan
  • Bad Hair Day - Gary Fry
  • Flies - Hazel Quinn
  • Nails - Rog Pile
  • The Lord of the Law - David Conyers

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