Monday, 7 September 2009

Fun with a Digital Camera

I was given a 12.1 mega pixil digital camera for Father's Day, so you can imagine how excited I was taking photographs and videos on Sunday. On a whim I decided to snap a photograph of many of the anthologies and a few of the small-sized magazines I've been in. Sometimes it takes stacking them next to each other to see how many I've been in.

I've always been impressed by the production values of the Elder Signs Press, Permuted Press, Mortbury Press and Brimstone Press titles, which is testimount to what a few skills in graphic design and marketing can do for a publisher. That said, I'm proud of all the titles I have here, because they all look good. The only problem was that I've misplaced my copy of 2008 Award Winning Australian Writing from Melbourne Books for the line-up, because that is another impressive looking book. Others such as Jupiter or Rainfall Books don't work in the line-up because they are staple-bound.

I've also include The Spiraling Worm in the mix, as that contains five of my short storires and novellas.

My favorite cover of all the books here would still have to be the first anthology I appeared in, Horrors Beyond.

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John Goodrich said...

An excellent boast shelf, David!