Friday, 17 September 2010

Paul Drummond Sci Fi Artwork

I just noticed the new cover art for Jupiter Magazine 30, which wil feature my novella "The Uncertainty Bridge". The cover illustraiton is impressive, by Paul Drummond, a thumbnail of which I've reproduced here. However you can see a much better reproduction on Paul's website here.
Deciding to check out more of Paul's work I went to his online galleries and discovered some very cool pictures, and realised I'd seen his work before, in Interzone.

When looking at science fiction artist's work, I sometimes find myself coming up with ideas for stories behind the illustrations, even though many of those illustrations are the result of someone's literatary imagination. Jim Burns, Tim White and Chris Moore have all drawn more than one sci fi scene that has sent my mind racing. I found myself doing the same examining Paul's work.

If you like science fiction art, Paul's site is well worth checking out. I particularly liked this one.


Paul Drummond said...


Thank you for the kind words and link. I'm glad you liked the images, even the one I messed up!

David Conyers said...

No problem Paul! I just hope you end up illustrating something I write one day.