Wednesday, 6 July 2011

An Angel of Frequency

I've just had my first short story published for 2011, "An Angel of Frequency", and this one is extremely short too, at approximately 200 words. I was approached my my friend and fellow speculative fiction writer, David Witteveen, to write a story for his Melbourne at Dusk site.
Melbourne by Dusk mixes photography and flash fiction to explore the strange things that flower in between our city and our imagination. He and his partner Angelica East set it up as part of the 2011 Emerging Writers Festival a couple of months ago.

Here is my story, with a photograph from David Witteveen, "An Angel of Frequency". It will take you less than a minute to read it.

I've also reproduced it here:

An Angel of Frequency

There is an angel in this park. Look hard enough, you’ll see her.

She’s bleeding, has been for years. She’s impaled, pinned to a bench by an iron sword. No one knows how this happened, and she refuses to tell anyone the story why. But she will smile at you, through gritted teeth. Her smile tells you she loves you, absolutely.

I’ve watched her for hours, and I’ve watched those who don’t see her.

Yesterday, two children were fighting over a single toy. When they got close to her, overwhelming peace consumed them both. They then sat down together and shared their toy.

Today, I overheard a businessman on his mobile phone, arguing with his wife. When he got close he broke down and cried. He told his wife he’d been having an affair. He promised to do anything to win her back. And she eventually believed him, judging by his later tears of joy.

I’ve come here every day this year. I’ve felt so much joy.

When I’m not around, I hurt, and remember why I return. You see, I sold my soul to the Devil. I want him to come to this place with me, so he will forgive me too.

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