Friday, 2 December 2011

The Eye of Infinity is reviewed at Innsmouth Free Press

Conyers’ story works as a spy thriller – with Peel and even his NSA superiors locked out of the secrets of INFINITE EYE and somebody suborning or murdering members of the project – and as Lovecraftian horror justified by quantum physics and sudden, violent assaults on Peel and others ... I liked the story enough that I’m going to pick up The Spiraling Worm and will follow Peel’s future adventures. - Randy Stafford, Innsmouth Free Press.

I like this review because it says nice things about the interior art:

And, lest you think $12 is a mite steep for a novella, this one comes with some nice black and white drawings by Nickolas Gucker. His work nicely illustrates dramatic points of the story – whether they’re alien landscapes or sudden and gruesome deaths.

Nick Gucker did a fantastic job at illustrating "The Eye". I felt like he was picking images right out of my mind as I imagined them, he drew it that well.

Read the rest of the review here.

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