Monday, 20 February 2012

Eldritch Chrome featuring "Playgrounds of Angolaland"

Every now and then editors come up with fantastic ideas for anthologies that resonate with the tones of ‘why hasn’t someone done this before’, so when Brian M Sammons and Glynn Barrass came up with the idea for a cross-genre of Cyberpunk and Cthulhu Mythos stories, Eldritch Chrome, I had to submit something. Thankfully my story, “Playgrounds of Angolaland” was accepted. Set in Antarctica, my tale involves a cyberteam out to scam a corporation that has made one too many unwholesome deals with elder alien beings. Oh, and it is kind of a Harrison Peel tale.
Here is the table of contents, in no particular order:
Eldritch Chrome
  • “Playgrounds of Angolaland” by David Conyers
  • “The Blowfly Manifesto” by Tim Curran
  • “SymbiOS” by William Meikle
  • “Obsolete, Absolute” by Robert M. Price
  • “Open Minded” by Jeffrey Thomas
  • “The Battle of Arkham” by Peter Rawlik
  • “The Wurms in the Grid” by Nickolas Cook
  • “Of Fractals, Fantomes, Frederic and Filrodj” by John Shirley
  • “The Gauntlet” by Glynn Barrass and Brian M. Sammons
  • “Indifference” by CJ Henderson
  • “Dreams of Death” by Lois Gresh
  • “Inlibration” by Michael Tice
  • “Immune” by Terrie Leigh Relf
  • “Hope Abandoned” by Tom Lynch
  • “Sonar City” by Sam Stone
  • “The Place that Cannot Be” by D.L. Snell
  • “Flesh and Scales” by Ran Cartwright
  • “Real Gone” by David Dunwoody
  • “CL3ANS3” by Carrie Cuinn
To be published by Chaosium some time in 2012. More details as they occur.

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