Saturday, 24 March 2012

2012 Ditmar Awards

It is award season again, and the Aurealis Awards finalists announced and the Australian Shadows not far behind. Ditmar's too, the Australian speculative fiction most popular awards a ramping up, with anyone 'active' in the industry able to vote, regardless of whether you are from this country or not.

If you want to vote for me, great, and here is how. I'm eligible in the following categories and I've noted which stories I think have been my favorites and from what I can accertain the most popular of my work for this year:
  • Best Novella or Novellette, "The Eye of Infinity", Perilous Press
  • Best Short Story, "The Advertising Imperative", Ticon4 (read the story here)
  • Best Collected Work, Midnight Echo 6, ed. David Conyers, David Kernot and Jason Fischer.
  • Best Fan Writer, Interview with Charles Stross, Midnight Echo 6
  • Best Fan Artist, Cover, Jupiter 33. (image included above)
To vote simply go to this form and fill it in. If I'm known to you, please use me as a referee for eligibility, espeically if you are not Australian. If you want to vote for more than just me, and there are plenty of good outpourings this year, go to the full list here.
If you do vote for me to win a Ditmar, thank you very much.

Entries close Friday 13 April 2012, or Thursdayt 12 April 2012 if you live anywhere between Europe and the Americas.

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