Sunday, 30 September 2012

Extreme Planets Cover Illustration

Extreme Planets is slowly coming together. Most of the stories have been selected and are now being edited. The news I can share is the cover, by the very talented Paul Drummond:

Here is the blurb for the anthology:

A Science Fiction Anthology of Alien Worlds
Edited by David Conyers, David Kernot and Jeff Harris
Cover Illustration by Paul Drummond

Two decades ago astronomers confirmed the existence of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun. Today more than 800 such worlds have been identified, and scientists now estimate that at least 160 billion star-bound planets are to be found in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. But more surprising is just how diverse and bizarre those worlds are turning out to be.

Extreme Planets is a science fiction anthology of stories set on alien worlds that push the limits of what we once believe is possible in a planetary environment. Visit the bizarre moons, dwarf planets and asteroids of our own Solar Systems, and in the deeper reaches of space encounter super-Earths with extreme surface gravity, carbon planets featuring mountain ranges of pure diamond, and ocean worlds shroud with seas hundreds of kilometres thick. The challenges these worlds present to the humans that explore and colonise them are many, and are the subject matter of these tales.

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