Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Harrison Peel Series Page

On the request of several readers, I've added a new page to my website, dedicated to my Harrison Peel series of Mythos adventures. Basically, Harrison Peel is a former Australian Army officer turned NSA consultant spy in action adventure style stories against the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos, with more science fiction elements than fantasy. Think The Bourne Identity meets At The Mountains of Madness.

Special call outs to Brian M. Sammons, John Goodrich, John Sunseri and CJ Henderson, who've all contributed to the ongoing series.

I will also thanks editors and publishers David Kernot, Cody Goodfellow, Jacob Kier, William Jones, John Manning, Glynn Barrass, Lynn Willis, Thomas Branan and Shane Jiraiya Cummings who made sure the Peel tales were the best they could be.

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