Sunday, 31 August 2014

Two New Harrison Peel collections out now

I have two new Harrison Peel books out now at Amazon (Kindle) and Smashwords (ePub).

The Elder Codex  (Book 3)

Harrison Peel’s third collection of adventures features two novellas set against the backdrop of war torn Africa:

The Elder Codex — When ripples in the fabric of space-time warp reality in Somilia, Peel investigates, and retraces his past in the ruins of devastated land.

The Spiraling Worm (with John Sunseri) — A missing US soldier resurfaces in the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo, mutilated and deformed, and commanding an army of cultists soldiers on a war path against Peel and a small contingent of special forces soldiers.

The Infinity Agenda (Book 4)

The fourth collection features two short stories and one novella set against the backdrop of the War on Terror, the Space Program and radio astronomy.

The Road to Afghanistan — Peel contacts an assassin embroiled in a conspiracy festering at the very heart of the Pentagon, one involving alien creatures pulled from another dimension and released into Taliban controlled territory.

War Gods of Men (with David Kernot) — in Afghanistan a new super-weapon is decimating soldiers on the battlefronts, so Peel teams up with cyber-analyst Sergeant Emerson Ash and leads a search and destroy mission inside the enemy heartland.

The Eye of Infinity — an astrophysicist is found dead at a radio telescope facility in New Mexico with a condition called multiple eye syndrome, and Peel’s investigation leads him to NASA and a conspiracy at the heart of the very universe itself.

See the Harrison Peel page for details where these books can be purchased. If you want a review copy, please email me.

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