Thursday, 27 November 2008

Quantum of Solace

Being a big James Bond fan I raced to the cinema to see Quantum of Solace, but ended up getting there a week after it was released, because well let's face it, I'm a dad now and arranging my time can be a challenge.
Regardless, this was an excellent film, certainly Daniel Craig's contribution to the series has to be the best the Bond franchise has ever seen. I was moved by the depth the writers, actors, director and producers have given to the characters, and how Bond grew through this film and Casino Royale before it. Nothing is over the top (for an action film I mean), no end of the world, no silly gadgets, not bland throw-away lines.
Watching Quantum of Solace was reminded of the Jason Bourne films, which I also thought to be excellent, and how both series are now continuations of their previous films, exploring the impacts Bond and Bourne have on their own lives as assassins, and the people it has made them become.
Certainly looking forward to the next Bond film, scheduled for 2010.