Friday, 28 November 2008

The Fourth Black Book of Horror

Just heard from Charles Black, UK editor of the well received Black Book of Horror series from Mortbury Press, that my story "The Lord of the Law" will be appearing in The Fourth Black Book of Horror. This tale received an honourable mention in this year's Australian Horror Writers Associations Short Story Competition, so I'm excited that it has found a home. I won't say much about the story, except that it involves the dark side of gravity.
I was previously published in Charle's first Black Book of Horror with my tale "Subtle Invasion". It went on to be nominated for the Australian Shadows Award, was read on the Writing Show in California, and will be reprinted in Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume 3 from Brimstone Press and Best New Tales of the Apocalypse from Permuted Press. Probably my most successful story to date.
Charles' anthologies have featured many notable horror authors such as Paul Finch and Gary McMahon, so I'm honoured to be back in the series again.