Monday, 30 March 2009

"Subtle Invasion" in Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol. 3

I appear in my first 'Year's Best of' collection today, in Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror Volume 3 by Brimstone Press, one of Australia's leading small press publishers in the speculative fiction field.

The collection contains my story "Subtle Invasion" which was short listed for last year's Australian Shadows Award, was read on The Writing Show's Halloween Gast Fest and will appear in the Permuted Press anthology Best New Tales of the Apocalypse (USA). It originally appeared in The Black Book of Horror (UK) by Mortbury Press. Not bad for one story, probably my most successful tale to date, soon to be published in three different continents.

Edited by Angela Challis, the collection also contains stories by Sean Williams, Marty Young, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Gary Kemble and others. So not bad company to keep.

I'm also pleased that the story is last in the book, my first in such a privileged position.

So that's two publications this year, and plenty more to come. Should have some news on some new stories soon too.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, David! I downloaded the audio version of the tale from THE WRITING SHOW and enjoyed listening to it a month or two ago. I think you could expand "Subtle Invasion" to at least novella length, if you wanted to add some extra characters and tell their stories, too.


David Conyers said...

Thanks Jeff. Your comment about turning my short stories into novella and/or novels is something I get a lot. My trouble is trying to write a story short enough so that it fits the short story format.

- David