Friday, 1 May 2009

SFRevu reviews "Black Water"

Ian Redman, editor of Jupiter has just advised me of the first review of Issue 24 which featured my story "Black Water". Here is what the reviewer Sam Tomaino said about my story:

The issue begins with "Black Water" by David Conyers. Set in a future Earth wracked by drought, Joseph Nuwangi is set on improving his lot in life. He has sacrificed much of his body to get where he is and now he is going to use just that sacrifice to make his fortune, on the island of Zanzibar with the purest water in the world. Conyers does a great job here with showing us a future world and the people in it.

Read the rest of the review here, which says great things about all the stories.


Brian G Ross said...

Always a great buzz to get a good review. Congratulations on the publication.


David Conyers said...

Thanks Brian