Saturday, 9 May 2009

"Soft Viscosity" gets nominated for a Ditmar Award

How can this year get any better on the publishing front? Well I can think of many ways but hey it's all been good news this year, and today is no exception. I've just learnt that "Soft Viscosity" from 2012 has just been nominated for a Ditmar Award for Best Novella catagory. In fact it is the only story from that anthology to get a nomination which I didn't expect! Wow!

Thank you everyone who voted for me. I know most of you who did were overseas readers, so thanks for your support, and to those of you local Aussies who voted for me too. That's five stories with award nominations now ("Aftermath", "Homo Canis", "Black Water" and "Subtle Invasion" are the other ones) and it is interesting to note they are all my science fiction pieces.

Midnight Echo and 2012 both get nominations for Best Collection, but even though I appeared in both, I'd like to see Black edited by Angela Challis win, I mean she does a fantastic job at promoting Australian speculative fiction and deserves this award. But I guess it is a wait and see now.

Congratulations to all the nominees.

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