Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Reviews Keep Coming

Another positive review of The Spiraling Worm has just appeared on It's interesting to see in reading this one how different stories appeal to different readers, although "Impossible Object" and "False Containment" remain most reader's favorites. The reviewer, Michael J. Tresca, had this to say about the two stories in question: "Imposslble Object" is "more a science fiction tale, is awesome" and "False Containment" as "one of the few stories in this collection that isn't afraid to drive home the insane horror of the Mythos". I should note for the reviewer's benefit that there was never any intention of writing a Call of Cthulhu role-playing game supplement for Chaosium set in the world of The Spiraling Worm.

John Sunseri, who co-authored the collection with me, said early on that he beleived our book would be a sleeper, and it looks to be that way. I have more fan mail today about this book than I ever did when it was first released, and questions about the sequel. Well, I better keep working on more Harrison Peel (the hero of The Spiraling Worm) stories then.

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