Friday, 2 July 2010

Ditmars and Aurealis Awards

It's awards time here in Australia, with everyone in the industry busy nominating works for eligibility in both the Ditmar and Aurealis Awards.

Since the Ditmar's is a popularity vote, many members of the industry are posting their select choices on various website and online journals everywhere. Many of those sites are very informative and helpful on the best of 2009 in Australian speculative fiction publishing.

I unfortunately can't be helpful because I just haven't read enough this year to form an objective opinion on what has been published by Australians in 2009, although what I have read I have enjoyed. What I can do is point you towards my publications if you want to vote for me. Since you're looking at my online journal anyway and have read this far, I figure you have some interest in my writing. So here they are:

Best Novella/Novellete Category
  • David Conyers "Black Water", Jupiter 24
  • David Conyers "The Octagon", Jupiter 26

Best Short Story Category

  • David Conyers "The Lord of the Law", The Fourth Black Book of Horror, Mortbury Press
  • David Conyers "The Garden Fortress", Thrilling Tales #4, Rainfall Books
  • David Conyers & Brian M Sammons "Six-Legged Shadows" Monstrous, Permuted Press

Voting is simple, just go to this website and vote as many times as you want for whoever you want. You have to be an active member in the industry, such as a writer, editor, publisher, artist, reviewer, and so forth. Voting closes 23 July 2010 Australian time.

If you do vote for any of my stories, thank you!

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