Sunday, 26 June 2011

Alien Encounter Cover for Jupiter 32

I think I'm going through the longest "being published" drought I've had since I've started writing seriously, with no stories being published since October last year. That's not to say I haven't got a lot of stories in the wings, or that I've not made sales, or that I'm not working on new material, it's just that nothing has been released. 2011, so far, has been very quiet for me.

However, I have had my artwork published recently, on the cover of Jupiter 32, Eurydome. The picture is one of my better illustrations from the mid to late 1990s early 2000s when I still had time to write and draw. This illustration, 'Alien Encounter', is one of my favorites and (even though I'm no Paul Drummond), I was lucky enough for Ian Redman, editor of Jupiter Magazine, to reproduce it. He seems to very much like it too.

I even got a very nice review from Rod MacDonald at SF Crowsnest regarding the piece:

The cover reminded me of a Robert Burns poem about a mouse. This time we are on an alien planet and a woman has picked up a small creature in danger of being mashed up by the machinery behind her. The artwork is by David Conyers. We are more familiar with his fiction but he is obviously an artist as well. Possessing qualities associated with a woodcut, the cover has a quaint and earthly atmosphere despite being from a distant time on another world.

The issue is also Ian's first move into publishing Kindle editions, both on and, where they both seem to be doing well.

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