Sunday, 26 June 2011

SA Writers Centre and Salisbury Writers' Festival

Now that I'm back in Adelaide again, I decided to rejoin the South Australian Writers' Centre, a very cool organisation that has helped me very much over the years in becoming the writer I am today. Now that I'm back, it was very cool to see that I made their list of authors, which includes D.M. Cornish, Sean Williams, Fiona McIntosh, Jude Aquilina and Malcolm Walker. My entry is found here.

On related news, I'll be giving a talk at the Salisbrury Writers Fesitval, on 'Getting Started Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy'. I've done workshops for the SA Writers' Centre in the past and really enjoyed them, meeting some great writers who are getting started in their craft. The full program and how to book can be found here.

1pm – 3.30pm Getting Started Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Join David in an open discussion about how to get started as a science fiction or fantasy writer. He’ll cover plotting a story, characters, worldbuilding, getting the science (or the fantasy) right, researching topics, and getting ideas. On the business side of things he’ll cover how to write a covering letter, proper manuscript formatting, where to find markets, the advantages of writing short stories, getting reviews and entering awards, networking, and maintaining a website.

On other news, David Kernot, Jason Fischer and I caught up in the city to discuss all things related to spec fiction, including an opporunity to workshop ideas and swap opportunities. It was great to catch up with these two talented authors again.

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