Saturday, 13 August 2011

"The Masked Messenger" in Andromeda Spaceways 52

The Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, ASIM, Issue 52 is about to go to print.  It is edited by David Kernot and features a new Harrison Peel tale, "The Masked Messenger" co-authored with John Goodrich.

This tale takes Harrison Peel to Morocco investigating temporary improvised explosive devices, and an encounter with another well-known deity of the Cthulhu Mythos. As a bonus, I have an illustration included, but they will pale in comparison to the works of Olivia Kernot (who also did the very striking cover illustration) and Kathleen Jennings.

David Kernot is a very talented author and I had the priviedge of working with him on Midnight Echo 6: The Science Fiction Horror Special, so I'm looking forward to what he has come up with this issue.

The line up for Issue 52 is as follows:
  • A Routine Diplomatic Incident by Ray Tabler
  • Eternal Youth by Melanie Typaldos
  • First, Do No Harm (Unless They’re Zombies) by Rachel Kolar
  • Golden Years in the Paleozoic by Ken Liu
  • I am Nano by Sean Monaghan
  • Love As You Find It by Margaret Karmazin 
  • Midnight Rhino by Brenda Anderson
  • Ronnie Linton, High School Flame by Dominik J. Parisien
  • Taking Care by Pam L. Wallace
  • Taking Over by Felicity Pulman
  • The Last Resort by L.K. Pinaire 
  • The Masked Messenger by David Conyers and John Goodrich
  • The Speed of Darkness by G.R. McLeod
  • The Undying Fans of an Unknown Cover Band by Nicky Drayden
  • The Unseen Truths by Liz Colter
  • Undine Love by Kathleen Jennings
  • Vivienne by Natalie Nikolovski
  • Wonder In Alice Land by Linda Jenner 
  • Zombie Dreams by Peter Cooper
  • Babylon by Alexandra Seidel
  • Broken Towers by Alexandra Seidel
  • City of Clay by Alexandra Seidel
  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Singer by Jack Horne
Non Fiction:
  • (H)ER(G)E, Now and Forever by Jacob Edwards
Illustrations by:
  • Olivia Kernot
  • Kathleen Jennings
  • David Conyers

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