Friday, 4 December 2009

First Review of "The Octagon"

Jupiter magazine keeps doing well with positive reviews and so I'm always honoured to be a part of any issue that comes out. The latest release, 26, featured my novella "The Octagon" which received a postive review on SFRevu by Sam Tomaino, along with the rest of the magazine. This is what Sam said about my story:

The Octagon in the story of the same name by David Conyers is an alien artifact on which the ultimate reality show is filmed. Two colonies on this artifact have disappeared. Now, in 2280, it's the location of a Survivor-type show in which the contestants aren't voted off, they die, taken away by some native things called geotherms. We are introduced to the last contestants and the producer of the show in this grim, but effective, tale of a nasty future.

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