Sunday, 16 January 2011

Midnight Echo #6 Submissions Closing Soon

This is a reminder to all those authors planning to submit a short story to Midnight Echo #6 for the science fiction special, the submission due date ends on 31 January 2011.

So far my co-editors (Jason Fischer and David Kernot) and I have had some good stories sent to us, but there is still space for more good tales. What I'm really keen to see are science fiction stories that really understand the genre, yet have a horror twist to them. While we've got some good stories, and many feature sci fi tropes such as spaceships, particle accelerators, cloning, genetic engineering and so forth, only a few have really thought about the science and technology and how they affect the futures they have imagined in a realistic way.

So, I'm looking forward to what writers out there come up with.

Full guidelines can be found here.

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