Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Professional Author Photo

When I caught up with David Kernot over the Christmas holidays, his wife Olivia Kernot offered to take a professional photograph of me to use for author photos. The result is below, which is a vast improvement on what I had been using before, generally snaps I'd taken of myself in a hurry when they were need. I'll be updating my website soon with this photo.

Olivia has taken off in a big way as a professional photographer operating out of Adelaide. Some of her fantastic images can be found on here website, Spinifex Photography.

If you use this image please note the copyright (c) 2010 to Olivia Kernot / Spinifex Photography.

1 comment:

Jason Fischer said...

Nice! She did a very good job, quite the photographer.

(and here's an ironic captcha word verification for this comment: photi)