Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Cthulhu Unbound Series Soon to Turn 3

In 2009 Permuted Press published the first two volumes in in their series of Cthulhu Mythos anthologies, Cthulhu Unbound 1 and Cthulhu Unbound 2, edited by Thomas Brannan and John Sunseri. The series featuerd noted authors such as C.J. Henderson, Willie Meikle, John Goodrich, Tim Curran. D.L. Snell and others. The second volume also featured a collaboration between myself and Brain M. Sammons. Both volumes have been best sellers on and have received praise from both the Cthulhu Mythos and horror community.

Further information on the first two Cthulhu Unbound anthologies, the collected stories and the contributors can be found here.

The series has done so well in fact that Brian M. Sammons and I have had the honour of teaming up again to edit Cthulhu Unbound 3.

This second collection will be a little different to the first two in that we didn't collect lots of short stories, but focused instead on four Cthulhu Mythos novellas penned by some of the better known indie press horror authors active today.

Cthulhu Unbound 3 was inspired by Ramsey Campbell’s classic anthology, New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, which featured Lovecraftian tales that did not use the traditional tropes or plotlines, and produced some spectacular results from David Drake, A.A. Attanasio, Stephen King, T.E.D. Klein, and Campbell himself.

Brian and I are collaborating on one of the tales in the anthology, a new Harrison Peel adventure (the hero from my Lovecraftian novel, The Spiraling Worm) concerning his visit to a rather unusual island mysteriously appearing in the middle of the South Pacific . . .

Right now Brian and I are editing the novellas which are nearing completion. As things develop, I'll post more on who our mysterious authors are (although a bit of googling will solve the mystery) and snippets on the novellas they have written.

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